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For People looking for the most direct way to find a particular home, or for people who need search results more custom and specific way, this is the portion of our site you are looking for.

Here homes are treated as independent files and can be searched using a variety of criteria. Simply use the Search categories below and we will bring you a personalized view of only homes that meet your selections.

However, entering more than two or three Selections often results in few or no matches, so it is important to start with a broader selection, then you can narrow it down if you need to.

Once you find a home that fits part or all your needs, Simply click on the Order Plan option and you’re on your way.

If you see parts of various homes that work for you, but cannot find a single plan that combines all your favorite ingredients, simply save the individual homes in you’re My Favorites folder, and enter your notes about the changes you would like to make and the home you are trying to achieve.
This is the first step in or Custom Modifications process. We’ll be happy to work with you to find the most affordable and efficient way to create a Custom modification just the way you want it.

Designing a new home has never been easier!


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